Thursday, June 24, 2010

Infuriating ICE idiocy

Columnist Debbie Schlussel details the insidious changes that John Morton (Dear Leader's head lackey over at ICE) is making to that agency apparently on direct orders from the Boss, including completely discarding the policy of holding for deportation illegal immigrants caught committing other crimes, even violent ones, until they are actually CONVICTED of those charges, not just arrested.  One of the long-suffering professional, service-oriented career agents in Obama's power base of Chicago emailed Schlussel the details of a recent unwelcome visit by Morton and his butt-smooching lackeys: 

"Morton showed up with his posse to visit our sanctuary city. They appeared at the Chicago DRO [Detention and Removal Operations] Office inquiring about the Secure Community initiative. One ass-kissing ICE lawyer who was part of Morton’s entourage told the agents they were “NOT” to lodge ICE detainers on [arrest and detain] illegal aliens despite the crime UNTIL they were actually convicted.

Can you imagine this? An illegal alien commits a rape, and instead of placing an ICE hold on this alien, while commencing the deportation process, this illegal alien is allowed out and released on bond posted. Do you think he’ll ever come back and show for his appearance? Ha! He will NEVER be seen again.

The agents were shocked. They–ICE chief Morton’s people–stated this is coming directly from Obama. Do you think they showed up in Chicago for nothing…his home town? The agents were all too shocked and scared of reprisal. So no one said a thing. There were many people present who witnessed the whole thing. They–the agents–felt intimidated by the Moron and his staff and were worried for their careers if they asked questions. But they were “instructed’ not to detain/lodge ICE detainers on illegal aliens, regardless of the violent and serious nature of the crime until they are convicted. This is ridiculous."

This completely idiotic (but not surprising, given the President's enthusiastic support of amnesty for illegals by any means necessary) change in policy means people like Joaquin Bravo Flores, an already deported five times illegal alien from Mexico who recently "was caught in his south Minneapolis home with a semi-automatic pistol, dozens of rounds of ammunition, several pounds of marijuana and other illicit drugs", will be released back into the community to await trial should he manage to come up with whatever bail is set in his case, a definite possibility if he is a member of a drug gang with access to lots of cash.

If this execrable and exceedingly dangerous to law-abiding citizens new development is allowed to remain in place unchallenged, the rule of law in this country will basically cease to exist and we will be in complete agreement with the street ICE agent, who sadly opined to Schlussel that "We have lost America".

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