Friday, June 18, 2010

Southern Arizona is officially out of control

Two loyal readers have independently called our attention to this story, which reports that the state of Arizona has been forced to post signs like this at a popular hiking and off-roading area south of Interstate 8 between Casa Grande and Gila Bend:

(“Danger Public Warning, travel not recommended active human and drug smuggling area, visitors may encounter armed criminals and smuggling vehicles traveling at high rates of speed. Stay away from trash, clothing, backpacks and abandoned vehicles. If you see suspicious activity, do not confront (underlined) move away and call 911. The BLM encourages visitors to use public lands north of Interstate 8.”)

This area is approximately 80 miles and three counties away from the Mexican border.  But we don't have an illegal immigration problem in Arizona, nosirree.  Just ask Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeau, who is the local law-enforcement administrator of the county in which this area is located:

"Mexican drug cartels appear to control large areas of Southern Arizona, according to the Pinal County Sheriff.

According to Borderland Beat, the Pinal County Sheriff says, 'We do not have control of this area.'"

Meanwhile, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is still waiting for President Obama to respond to her about this crisis, even though Dear Leader solemnly promised during their June 3 White House meeting to get back in touch with her "within two weeks" on the issue:

Based on his long track record of not bothering to keep promises to his own base, much less prominent members of the opposition party, we would counsel Governor Brewer to not hold her breath waiting for that followup contact.  The severe oxygen deprivation could be injurious to her health as well as possibly turn her into a liberal.

We remind law-abiding Arizona residents that they enjoy the right to carry defensive firearms in case they are confronted with the fear of death or great bodily harm, especially when recreating while out of efficient law-enforcement response time or even cell-phone coverage.  Please be careful out there.

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Anonymous said...

It isn't all Obama the Angry. The Feds under Boosh the Lesser closed an area in 2006.
The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
has closed a portion of the Buenos
Aires National Wildlife Refuge
south of the Garcia Road to public
use, under authority found in 8
RM 13.5 and 50 CFR 25.21(e)
effective October 3, 2006. Garcia
Road runs east/west parallel to
the international boundary about
one mile north of the line. This
area is about 3500 acres in size.
Our concern for public safety is