Thursday, July 08, 2010

Down to the heart of the matter

My old net.mate (I'm honored to borrow his term) Billy Beck asks a couple of very reasonable questions:

"Try to understand: you people routinely elect morons, when it comes to the crucial life and death that they deal in every day of your only-ever lives. They are no smarter than you just because they get to stand up there on their podiums and do their lying viddie stand-ups, with the American flag in the background while they mouth their stoopid platitudes in the name of "TheAmericanPeeple". (You have to say that in machine-gun cadences.)

Why in the world do you
let them drive you like cattle? What's wrong with you?"

Do you have an answer?

1 comment:

Crotalus said...

It's because we... er, *ahem* most of us ARE cattle. Trouble is, us free people get dragged along.