Tuesday, July 06, 2010

An obviously politically-motivated lawsuit

The Obama Justice Department, led by Attorney General Eric "Neutral, leaning towards favorable" Holder, has decided (no surprise here; it was a foregone conclusion) to sue the state of Arizona over S.B. 1070 (which makes illegal immigration a state crime), even though the statute mirrors the Federal legislation already in place:

"The government contends that the Arizona law violates the supremacy clause of the Constitution, a legal theory that says federal laws override state laws."

It's quite enlightening that the Feds are so quick to assert their "supremacy" in this area while simultaneously deliberately ignoring the many other parts of the Constitution that severely limit their powers everywhere else (Tenth Amendment, anyone?).

Arizona has done nothing wrong here, and in any event certainly hasn't committed anything like the blatantly unconstitutional acts the national government regularly imposes on the peasantry. 

Let the court battle begin.  We're confident Arizona will ultimately prevail.

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