Friday, July 09, 2010

Think before you give to this "charity"

The Better Business Bureau would like everyone to know the Brady Campaign to Take Away Your Rights Prevent Gun Violence isn't quite measuring up to their standards, to say the least:

"Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence (Brady Center) does not meet the following 6 Standards for Charity Accountability."  (Emphasis ours)

Their overall score was a shaky 14 out of 20 for charity accountability.  One would think their leader Paul Helmke would do a slightly better job of running this leaky boat, especially given his $249,555 annual salary.

The utter lack of support and funding by right-thinking Americans must be really hurting that putrid organization right about now.

(Bobbi via Tam)

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Bike Bubba said...

You mean a group that dishonestly campaigns against a fundamental right might not have the institutional controls needed to prevent embezzling and such?

I'm so shocked. :^)