Monday, August 30, 2010

A judge finds out the hard way there's no controlling social media

Judge Beth Dixon of Rowan County, North Carolina convicted local resident Felicia Gibson last week on a charge of resisting arrest:

"A Salisbury woman who was arrested in November 2009 after she refused a police officer’s order to go into her house while he was making a traffic stop nearby was found guilty Friday of resisting, obstructing or delaying an officer."
"The traffic stop was not far from Gibson’s home.  She sat on her front porch and recorded the arrest on video." (Emphasis ours)

Ms. Gibson quite rightly refused to stop filming and go inside her house just because local jack-booted thug Salisbury Police Officer Mark Hunter ordered her to, prompting her to be collared for "resisting".

So now Judge Dixon is running for re-election and has a Facebook page to aid in that effort.  Here's a screen shot showing but a small sampling of the comments she's been getting there, despite her or her helpers frantically deleting them almost as soon as they show up:

Better polish up the ol' resume, Judge Dixon.

(huge h/t to Carlos Miller)

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John said...

she has since deleted her FB page