Sunday, September 26, 2010

Guess the politician's party from his campaign ad

Give up?

It's from our own Arizona 5th Congressional District Representative, DEMOCRAT Harry Mitchell, only one sure wouldn't know it from his campaign ad, which doesn't once list his party affiliation (but sure mentions the other one a whole bunch of times).

We actually had a very favorable opinion of Mr. Mitchell's service in Congress, at least until he saw fit to vote for the unconstitutional abomination that is Dear Leader's socialized medicine Ponzi scheme.

Because of Mitchell's disappointing vote on this critical issue (as well as his subsequent avoidance of public meetings, even at this late date, to explain his actions.  Sorry, sir, carefully-controlled "telephone" town meetings don't count) we will now be voting for David Schweikert, the Republican candidate upon whose character the congressman's minions have already seen fit to go negative:

Legally purchasing bank-owned foreclosures is now somehow some sort of evil plot to destroy the country?  Heck, we'd be doing the exact same thing if we had the available funds.  Real estate is a once-in-a-lifetime bargain right now.

If this is what Mitchell is reduced to pointing out about his opponent he must indeed be getting quite nervous about hanging on to his job.

(h/t to Ace)

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