Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Jack-Booted Thug(s) of the Week, Bonus Edition...

... are Philadelphia police officers Donyule Williams and Jimmy Leocale, for apparently taking exception when eyewitness Kimla Robinson noticed the blue-clad thugs whacking the snot out of a suspect with batons (for the apparently quite serious "offense" of standing on a public sidewalk in front of a Chinese restaurant waiting for his take-out order to be prepared), and began recording the beating with her cell-phone camera.

The two cops allegedly took exception to being caught on tape to the point where they then began to assault Robinson herself (at the end of the video when someone obviously knocks the phone from her hand), after which they hauled the retired school counselor to the pokey for "disorderly conduct", which appears to be the default charge these days when cops don't happen to like the lawful activity in which a citizen is engaging.

This isn't the first time this angelic pair of "professionals" has been accused of being a little too hands-on:

"Williams has been on the force for nearly eight years and has racked up eight complaints, four alleging physical abuse. Leocal, a 10-year veteran, had six complaints and at least four were for physical abuse, including one by his wife."  (Emphasis ours)

With track records like those going for them we find it fairly easy to believe Robinson's claim.

"Officer" Leocal is also apparently a common thief in addition to his seeming violent ways: 

"Leocal received a departmental violation last year for failing to properly fill out a property-receipt form after obtaining money from a suspect in an arrest.

That suspect, Emil VanOtoo, filed a complaint against both officers alleging that he was physically abused on Haverford Avenue near 58th Street after being stopped by the officers who asked him for identification."

Physically abused with nightsticks, by the way.  Sound familiar?

Williams and Leocale are now under investigation by Internal Affairs for these latest accusations of outrageous behavior, according to the story.  Hopefully the fallout from this highly-publicized incident will be enough to finally end their ignominious police careers.

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