Thursday, September 02, 2010

Today's TASER Travesty

Marin County, California resident Peter McFarland was returning with his wife from a charity fundraiser last June 29 when he tripped and fell on his own front stoop.  Mrs. McFarland called paramedics, who arrived and treated her husband for his minor injury.

As the EMTs were leaving, according to the McFarlands, two Marin County sheriff's deputies showed up and announced that they were going to force Mr. McFarland to go to the hospital because he "may be suicidal" (he had apparently joked about shooting himself in the head if he had possessed a gun in a presumably (and admittedly dumb) gesture to lessen his pain and embarrassment at the situation). 

When McFarland, a 64-year-old pancreatic cancer survivor with a heart condition, refused to go with the two cops, guess what?  Out came the TASERs, which were then used on him three times:

McFarland was then taken in on resisting arrest charges (which were then naturally subsequently dropped since he, well, wasn't actually being arrested for anything).

"[Attorney John] Scott says the deputies had no search warrant or legal reason to enter McFarland's home and even if they thought he was drunk and suicidal, Scott says the Tasing was excessive force." 

Gee, you think?

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