Monday, September 13, 2010

Why I carry a handgun for protection, Vol. 37

So that when a bunch of low-life gangbangers crash a party at our home and then proceed to assault the people who were actually invited to the get-together, those guests will be able to successfully defend themselves and their loved ones, just like a Chandler, Arizona man did last week.

The party-goer shot and killed two of the nine or so miscreants who were attacking his wife and himself, apparently showing extremely good judgment in the process:

"[Chandler police spokesman Detective David] Ramer said the husband showed restraint during the incident and only fired when he was threatened with a gun."

Which is one of the reasons why the local cops have already ruled the man's actions were a justified defensive shooting. 

Actually, the force's entire official reaction to this incident is pretty refreshing:

"'People in Arizona carry guns,' said [Ramer]. 'You better be careful about who you are picking on.'"

Sounds like an eminently sensible position for those service-oriented police officers to take. 

Well, the criminals down in Chandler can't say they weren't warned. 

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Bike Bubba said...

I love a story with a happy ending! (bummer that it was only 2, and not all of them....but how did husband get through a keg party sober enough to legally fire a gun?)