Thursday, October 21, 2010

Eating their own for daring to stray from the reservation

National Public Radio, a well-documented liberally-biased "media" organization substantially financed by tax dollars extracted from the peasants on pain of imprisonment, has fired liberal but well-regarded-by-all commentator Juan Williams (himself a minority) for expressing his personal opinion on another network (Fox News) that he gets "worried and nervous" when he boards an airplane and sees people dressed in Muslim-style garb.
Uncomfortable and not-PC?  Yep. True for a lot of people?  Again, emphatically yes.  Williams is only expressing what we ourselves have experienced when flying, and we're not bigots either.

Way to stifle the free expression of ideas, NPR.  Williams wasn't attacking anyone personally or even criticising Islam but merely pointing out a fact of life in today's America.  Shame on you for canning him for daring to discuss it candidly in the open.

By the way, can anyone explain why in an era of literally thousands of free and low-cost choices of news and entertainment selections on broadcast television, radio, Internet and cable and satellite outlets, taxpayers are forced by their masters spend millions of dollars funding an anachronism of a network which purports to be for everyone but in reality targets a liberal audience?

It's time to send this pathetic leftover of the Great Society into a long-overdue retirement.


Anonymous said...

Yep, I agree, NPR is very outdated and no longer needed.

Harry Steele

Anonymous said...

NPR is good, accurate, and reports on a wide range of subjects that Faux won't touch. Also, it gets about 1% of its funding from the federal government.

I agree with your ideas on guns, and share your outrage with the misconduct you tell us about, but your flat-out condemnation of anything "liberal" is ludicrous. The "rightwing extremism" bit on the side of your page is ridiculous too -- the paper was written under Bush and was accurately pointed at real nuts, some of who have popped up since then. Obama "ordered" people to vote his way? Right. How can you even write such ridiculous stuff?

Bike Bubba said...

Anon #2, even if you are correct, the Constitution affords no protection for public broadcasting. It's time to end it.

BTW, it's Fox, not Faux, and when PBS does something that Fox won't touch, well, there is a reason--and one that doesn't generally look good for PBS.