Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Jack-Booted Thug of the Week, International Edition...

... is Toronto, Canada Constable Adam "Bubbles" Josephs, for threatening a non-violent protester with assault charges because she's standing on a sidewalk blowing bubbles during a G20 protest there:

As the video shows, the woman was arrested moments after Josephs threw his infantile hissy fit.  Coincidence?   We highly doubt it.

(Props to the female officer for showing grace, good humor and admirable restraint in the incident.  She clearly realizes that there's no intent by the protester to cause any major trouble and she responded perfectly to the situation, unlike her humorless colleague, who seems to enjoy attempting to intimidate everyone in the crowd with his barked orders, threats and scowls.  We see where it got him.)

Anyway, now Constable Josephs, big baby that he is, is now trying to sue YouTube because people there have cruelly posted cartoon videos that apparently mock his thuggish behavior:

The sensitive soul is said to be seeking $1.2 million in damages to his hurt psyche.

Sorry, pal.  America, where YouTube is headquartered, has First Amendment protection of parody, so you seem to be spit out of luck on this one. 

May we perhaps refer you to a support group for those terrified of soap bubbles?

(h/t to our good friend Carlos Miller at Pixiq)

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