Saturday, October 16, 2010

"Moonbeam" promises the moon but fails to say how he'll pay for it

California gubernatorial candidate Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown manages to keep a straight face while vowing that there's "enough wealth" to admit all illegal alien students to public universities at in-state tuition rates, even though that dysfunctional state is hopelessly bankrupt due in no small part to policies he implemented the last time he was in charge there:

What an incompetent, pandering boob. 

We're no huge fan of Meg Whitman, mostly due to her irrational banning from eBay of firearm parts (and even accessories) during her tenure as CEO.  At this point anyone has to be better than this tired old liberal retread, however.

If this clip isn't enough to anger the hard-working taxpayers of California enough to deny Brown another chance to screw things there up even more then nothing will.

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