Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Someone finally paid attention to the situation

Matt Bostrom, candidate for sheriff of Ramsey County, Minnesota, seems to have taken notice of the article we published last month that details the ongoing tendency of incumbent Sheriff Bob Fletcher to, shall we say, play games with that state's otherwise clearly-outlined process for law-abiding citizens to obtain a handgun carry permit:

"The law is quite specific and leaves no doubt as to its interpretation. Therefore, as Sheriff, I will issue permits within 30 days to applicants who meet the criteria set forth in subdivision 2, paragraph (b). Denials will be rare and used only for facts that are clearly articulated and related to specific public safety concerns, as prescribed by the statute and never as a political tool.

Under my administration, the Ramsey County Sheriff will have a rate of granting permits consistent with those of other Minnesota sheriffs, because the people of Ramsey County are as responsible and law-abiding as those in the other 86 counties."

Ramsey County residents now appear to have a much better choice for sheriff than the office's current occupant.  We hope they exercise their vote in two weeks and make that change.

(Disclaimer:  We have had no contact with Bostrom or his representatives, nor were we asked by anyone to endorse his campaign.  All opinions expressed are solely our own.)

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