Thursday, October 07, 2010

Where's their jurisdiction?

Not that such questions seem to matter much anymore.

The FBI has confiscated a card bearing John Lennon's fingerprints and signature from a NYC memorabilia shop.  It was apparently made at a local police station in 1976 when Lennon was applying for U.S. citizenship.

It is unclear exactly what statutory authority gives the agency the right to seize such privately-owned historical property that simply has nothing to do with a federal crime, but we're sure they'll come up with something to justify their overreaching action.  We suppose they'll next be going after everyone who owns locks of Abraham Lincoln's hair.

"A store owner, Peter Siegel, said Homeland Security also had inquired about the card."

Because, you know, celebrities that have been dead for 30+ years represent an immediate terrorist threat to the nation.

Another infuriating example of your tax dollars being spent in a "wise and judicious" manner.


Jenn said...

What assholes! Unbelievable! They probably just wanted to keep it for themselves.

Anonymous said...

It was submitted with his citizenship application. All materials presented to the Government for citizenship or visa / passport applications are held for at least 50 years. They retrieved Government property that was illegally taken......sorry

Douglas Hester said...


Where in the story does it state that the card was actually submitted? If it was, it would presumably still be in the care and custody of the State Department. If it wasn't, it is not within their purview to confiscate it. Regardless, why is Homeland Security sticking their nose into the matter?

Bike Bubba said...

Even if it were the very card, exactly what purpose does this serve?

On the other hand, I do remember that many radio stations did play Yoko's music when he died, so in a manner of speaking, John WAS a terrorist in his tragic death, albeit unintentionally.

Anonymous said...

yea right like the media will give you all the facts......