Monday, November 29, 2010

Driving Big Brother

Dear Leader's Department of Transportation is apparently hell-bent on requiring every car in America to install technology that would disable cell phones while the car is movingEvery cell phone, including ones with hands-free devices and even those of non-driving passengers.

Secretary Ray LaHood is pushing this proposal very hard despite the fact that such cell-jamming is currently illegal under Federal law (even by the government), traffic deaths are at a 60-year low, cell phones have been helpfully used by motorists to call in accidents, report drunk drivers and suspected criminals (Amber Alert, anyone?) and otherwise assist law enforcement, there are already laws in place to punish neglectful drivers who cause accidents and, most importantly, trying to get drivers to quit their accustomed habit of gabbing while driving will be a task comparable to counting how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.  That particular genie's never going back in the bottle.

What are they going to call this proposed campaign - The War on Distracted Driving?  Will there be a Driving Safety Czar?  Will there be government roadblocks where one's car will be gone over to make sure the software is in place?  The possibilities boggle the mind.

Coming next from these clowns - bans on drinking beverages, switching radio stations or even talking with one's passengers while driving, since these supposedly innocuous activities carry much the same risk.

Spare us this further imposition of the all-confining Nanny State, please.

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