Friday, November 26, 2010

The same tired old English story

Another charming tale out of the failed Nanny-state that is Great Britain, where entitlement after government entitlement has created a population over there who have their hands permanently out for things such as housing, food and medical benefits, without bothering to lift a finger to earn anything for themselves:

A pregnant, jobless 28-year-old Birmingham, England ex-con with five other children by three men (all of whom have been removed from her custody due to neglect) and who lives with an unemployed illegal immigrant from Jamaica is vowing to keep on cranking out the tykes until the local government caves in and gives her a free house. 

"The pair currently live in a local authority flat in Newton, Birmingham, and [Lavine Samma] said: 'I have been told the only way I can get a house is by having children to care for.'

'If they keep taking them from me I will just keep having them - again and again.'"

If ever there was an argument to be made for forced sterilization Ms. Samma would undoubtedly be the poster child. 

"Jobless Damien [Sewell], the father of three of her children, moaned: 'The courts and council are against us. We are being discriminated against.'" 

Oh please, sir.  You're embarrassing yourself further, if that's even possible. 

"He came to the UK from his native Jamaica on a short-term holiday visa in 2002.

He failed to return and is now claiming asylum.

Damien explained: 'Life is much better here.'" 

Sounds like it.  Keep on siring kids and get all the necessities of life handed to you, compliments of the few subjects left who bother to go to work each day.  Yes, we imagine that sort of slothful lifestyle would be looked at askance in a Third World country where survival is by no means guaranteed.

We remind everyone that this is the very system to which Dear Leader regularly refers while touting his desire to "transform" America into a clone of Western European Socialism Lite. Thankfully, the next Congress seems unlikely to advance the "dreams" of himself and his deceased absentee father any further down this dead-end road.

By the way, there have been a few apologists for the current state of affairs in Britain who castigate us for regularly spotlighting these sorts of stories, claiming they are the exception.  We beg to disagree, and both our personal observations as well as the sheer number of articles detailing this kind of rampant welfare abuse firmly supports our position.

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