Saturday, November 20, 2010


Two stories side-by-side in today's Arizona Republic:

1.  Three current Phoenix police officers as well as a former member of the department have been indicted (and a fifth would have been, had he not been found shot dead by his patrol car last month under mysterious circumstances.  Was he silenced by his "brother officers"?) on felony charges related to their allegedly ripping off low-income housing developments and other businesses by not showing up for lucrative ($40/hr) off-duty security work assignments yet still submitting time sheets and being paid as if they had been present at the sites for the entire agreed-upon shift.  An additional 25 officers are still under investigation for the same offense.

2.  A Phoenix resident named Dave Tally, who happens to be broke and currently residing in a homeless shelter (a population usually regarded by many as being unworthy of respect or dignity), is being honored by many people after he turned in to shelter operators a backpack without ID which contained $3,300 in cash.  The property has since been returned to its rightful owner, an ASU student who received the money in a car insurance settlement.  Tally is being richly and deservedly rewarded with cash donations, job offers and a free dentist visit.

Just because someone wears a police uniform doesn't mean that he or she is necessarily an honorable or trustworthy person, and just because someone lives in a homeless shelter doesn't necessarily mean he or she is not.

Make everyone earn your trust and respect, and never let them demand it just because of their station in life or what they happen to do for a living.

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