Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cause the death of a man and yet only receive traffic tickets - if you're "special" enough, that is

Orange County, Florida Deputy Malinda Miller has been found to be 100% responsible by the Florida Highway Patrol for causing the traffic death of 91-year-old hospital volunteer Ed Soistman last summer. 

Miller was completely at fault because she was responding to a call at 86 mph (more than double the 40 mph speed limit at the site of the wreck) while not using her emergency lights and and/or siren (a violation of department policy) when her cruiser slammed into Mr. Soistman's Buick.  When interviewed at the hospital with minor injuries shortly after the crash, Miller declined to answer questions about the incident on a lawyer's advice, which of course is her Constitutional right.

Her legal sanction for her negligent homicide of Mr. Soistman?  She has received two traffic tickets, the result of which will result in the loss of her driver's license for at least six months. 

Her department sanction for refusing to cooperate in the official crash investigation?   She's under "internal investigation" but is still on paid duty, albeit at a desk position because she naturally is unable to drive a patrol car.

That's it.  That's all the punishment she has received to date for negligently causing the death of from all accounts a person who was obeying the traffic rules while on the way to donate his time to the less fortunate. 

Can anyone imagine a common peasant getting the same sort of consideration?

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