Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Curiouser and curiouser

Even Dear Leader's biggest media suck-ups are beginning to wonder why he doesn't just cough up the $12.50 or so and obtain his long-form certificate to satisfy the 43% of Americans who believe he's hiding something about the circumstances of his birth.  After all, he's in the state right this minute - it would be the work of minutes down at the Department of Records.

Again, we're not by any means one of the "birther" crowd, some of whom apparently believe the Trilateral Commission or the Freemasons engineered a cover up beginning all the way back in 1961.  There is something really odd here, though.

The most plausible scenario, at least to us, seems to be that President Obama was indeed born in Hawaii but that the document confirming that event contains information that is personally embarrassing to him.  Perhaps he's really Frank Marshall Davis II?


Ken Hood said...

I watched Hardball last night and was surprised to see Chris go to the mat on this one. This is why I like him... just when you think he is a pawn, he does something like this. The piece last night speaks for itself, and I agree with you. Birthers are a bit crazy and need a vacation, but seriously Mr President... come down off the "I can't lower myself" tower and just cough it up. Like Hardball, I'm tired of hearing the Birther crowd distract from "real" debate.

Douglas Hester said...

It really is strange, Ken - Obama hasn't just ignored the issue, he's actively spent close to 2 million dollars litigating it. It's precisely this kind of dig-in-your-heels fight that's got the birther crowd so fired up, and I have to admit I'm starting to think there's at least some fire behind all the smoke.

Anonymous said...

What exactly do you guys suppose he could be hiding? I realize Obama is not an American in spirit, but I do believe he is, in a legal sense, an American.

Anonymous said...

Bull. If he went and got another copy, it would be almost identical to the one he has already shown. The laws of Hawaii keep the government from releasing more. The previous (Republican) governor has stated that his birth certificate is valid. Anyone still harping on this issue is a complete idiot.

The money spent defending the suits was not spent on keeping secrets; it was spent on closing out nuisance frivolous lawsuits.

This is getting old. Conservatives who whine about these issues are just a part of the Party of NO that will only block things and have negative goals. If anyone is un-American, it is a Republican.

Ken Hood said...

Anonymous- I love how folks who like to name call hide behind "no name." But that aside (since I won't be name labeling you as 'un-American') let's get to the issue...

I truly believe there is no fire behind the smoke. So Doug and I may disagree here. But clearly, Obama is deliberately fighting the release of a simple document. And he is spending big money to do so. These are simply the facts. And the spark that began this recent debate (which Doug normally does not bring up... so he is no 'Birther') is that Chris Matthews (not a Republican) is calling for the President to release the original document.

Of course conspiracy theorists will not believe it when it comes out. But that wasn't the point. The point was that *this* President claimed he was going to be the most transparent president in American history, and whatever you think about his politics... it has turned out that it just ain't so.

Unlike my friends on the Right... I genuinely want this president to succeed... I'm a small business owner who roots for him to do well... I need him to do well. But I need him to stop continuing the Bush legacy of hiding behind Executive Privilege... to stop trying to execute American Citizens in violation of the 4th Amendment, and to keep his campaign promises like ending the wars and closing Guantanamo (issues of his that I supported) and to truly be the "transparent" president we all wanted him to be.

This digging in of his heals is now finally annoying his own base. So stop the diversionary tactic of name calling ('un-American' wow... how original) and start debating the issue... with a real name maybe.

Douglas Hester said...

Besides, Ken, most reasonable people are only asking for the same level of scrutiny that the circumstances of John McCain's birth got by Congress (a man born to two natural-born citizens, one an active-duty Navy officer, in a military hospital in the Panama Canal Zone). I thought it quite fair to debate McCain's situation to make sure he qualified for the office, it's only fair that Obama get the same once-over.

Anonymous said...

One more time: HE DID RELEASE HIS BIRTH CERTIFICATE. It was in his Chicago campaign office and they showed it to any news organization that wanted to see it. They all said it looked legitimate and had a raised seal. A scanned image was on the internet.

Any birth certificate that he could get (again) would be the same thing.

The so-called "long form" birth certificate that the nuts want to see DOES NOT EXIST as a public document in Hawaii. The original paper form that was filed is in a vault and is protected by privacy and anti-fraud laws from disclosure. The only birth certificate that is available IS WHAT HE HAS ALREADY SHOWN.

The previous governor has stated that she saw the original document (which she could, by law) and has stated publicly that it is a valid record. The governor CANNOT release any more, by the laws of Hawaii.

As for the spend-millions-on-concealment charge, I'm sure they spent quite a bit to get the frivolous lawsuits thrown out. The cost was in defending the suit, not sealing records.

Any criticism of Obama because he and the State of Hawaii are following proper procedures and laws is ridiculous. To do more would be to require a change in the laws of Hawaii, perhaps to allow a person to allow others to examine the source document or to make certified copies available. However, that is their Legislature's call, and rather unnecessary. In any case, it wouldn't satisfy the birthers anyway.

Ken Hood said...

Doug- good points and I agree.

Anonymous- well stated and thank you for the good debate. :)

However, I think you failed to address that Chris Matthews (not a crazy) is asking for the release of what he (Matthews) believes *is* available. So either Chris is less aware of *what* exactly could be released (highly unlikely, since the guy has a staff making sure he doesn't make that kind of mistake), or you are incorrect.

Since I actually don't know, I will acknowledge that *if* you are correct... then point taken and thank you.

But if Matthews is correct (and I think I will trust his information as more reliable than yours for now)... I agree with him and I would like to see the alleged documents.

Anonymous said...

Matthews should have looked up the law. It isn't hard. The State of Hawaii has provided a FAQ that references the laws: http://hawaii.gov/health/vital-records/obama.html