Sunday, December 26, 2010

From the Department of Glaringly Obvious Headlines

"Gibbs:  'It's going to be a while' before Gitmo prison is shut down"

We will cheerfully donate $100 to the charity of Dear Leader's choice if that facility shuts its doors anytime before the end of his term in office (singular emphasized on purpose).

In other news, the press secretary finally admits in the article that President Obama is preparing to issue an executive order which will keep at least a few of the detainees warehoused somewhere indefinitely without trial: 

"'Some would be tried in federal courts, as we've seen done in the past.  Some would be tried in military commissions, likely spending the rest of their lives in a maximum security prison that nobody, including terrorists, have ever escaped from," he said. "And some, regrettably, will have to be indefinitely detained.'"  (all emphases ours)

But not at Guantanamo.  Which, of course, is a distinction without a difference.

Someone please explain to us how Obama's upcoming "new" policy on detainees will differ significantly from the one he so arrogantly (and naively) derided during his campaign for office:

"As president, Barack Obama will close the detention facility at Guantanamo. He will reject the Military Commissions Act, which allowed the U.S. to circumvent Geneva Conventions in the handling of detainees. He will develop a fair and thorough process based on the Uniform Code of Military Justice to distinguish between those prisoners who should be prosecuted for their crimes, those who can’t be prosecuted but who can be held in a manner consistent with the laws of war, and those who should be released or transferred to their home countries."

That's one amazing turnaround, to be sure.

We also haven't heard Dear Leader eloquently bleat about such topics as the "Geneva Conventions" lately.  As he is no doubt learning right about now to his consternation, real life situations will tend to wreck such pie-in-the-sky feel-good agendas.


Chris Mallory said...

How is this policy any different than the "disappeared" in any number of third world hellholes around the world?

Douglas Hester said...

Exactly. He hasn't put a stop to renditions, either, but who's noticing?

Anonymous said...

The rethuglicans filibustered anything he tried to do; blame them.