Friday, December 17, 2010

Promises, promises

President Obama has signed the tax compromise bill that was approved by Congress barely fourteen hours ago, despite his solemn promise during his presidential campaign to post all such passed legislation for observation and comment via a link on the White House web site for 5 days prior to his taking any such action:

“When there’s a bill that ends up on my desk as president, you the public will have five days to look online and find out what’s in it before I sign it, so that you know what your government’s doing,”

We don't want to hear any weak arguments about this being some sort of "emergency", either.  There are 15 days left before the tax rates would have risen on January 1.  There was plenty of time for the White House to uphold their transparency promise.

This is just one more of the many Dear Leader pledges that he's thrown overboard once he got elected.  How's that Guantanamo Bay closing coming along, Mr. President?

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