Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Taking back their neighborhood

Twice in the last five days long-term business owners in the East End section of Houston have fatally shot armed gangbangers with long criminal records who had attacked them and their families while attempting to rob their stores:

"Robbers shot the owner, 52-year-old [jewelry store owner] Ramon Castillo, in the abdomen, shoulder and legs, leaving him in critical condition Sunday. Castillo shot and killed the three armed robbers, who had tied up his wife of 30 years."

What a brave individual.  Seems to be a pretty fair marksman under stress as well.  We salute Mr. Castillo's saving of his wife's life and wish him a speedy recovery.

What's even more heartening is that reluctant heroes such as Mr. Castillo, who were only defending the lives and livelihoods of themselves and their loved ones, appear to have the full support of the local police:

"These business people are fighters and survivors," [Harris County Precinct 6 Constable Victor] Trevino said. 'They will fight, do whatever it takes. If it means using deadly force for some of them, it wasn't their choice.'

'The one who made the choice are those suspects who robbed them. I think the ones who should be worried are the crooks. You've got to do what you've got to do, to stay alive. This time, the business people got the upper hand.'"

What a refreshing attitude for law enforcement to have.  Well, this incident happened in Texas, after all. 

(h/t to John Pierce at OpenCarry.org for the heads-up)

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Don't ya love it when a story has a happy ending?

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