Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What a hypocritical worm

Some good old-fashioned reverse racism in support of the DREAM Act from the supposedly "learned" professor Kent Wong, Director of the UCLA Center for Labor Research and Education (and previous staff attorney for the Los Angeles branch of the corrupt and thuggish SEIU, so our theory that he's a nakedly partisan liberal mouthpiece for the Democrat Party vote-getting machine seems to be well-established:

"'When that day happens, the young people of the DREAM Act movement, will go on to accomplish and do great things with your lives,' he said. 'You will go on to become lawyers, teachers, doctors and members of the US congress to replace those old white men... You are the hope and future of this country. You are hope and future of your generation.'"  (Emphasis ours)

How long does anyone think a conservative faculty member would last on that campus if he or she were to make a similarly biased public comment?

Mr. Wong must get a large amount of taxpayer dollars to indoctrinate educate young adults in his collectivist philosophy, because he sure lives in a large (glass) house for one who takes such delight in calling out others for their supposed racist and sexist statements.

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