Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Why I carry a handgun for protection, Vol. 41

Because, as shown by recent weather-related difficulties in New York City, a call to 911 does not guarantee a police response to a request for aid in a reasonable and effective amount of time.

City residents there have been unacceptably waiting up to 30 hours for a response to calls for service (why even have a government if they fall down on their most basic of responsibilities?), resulting in the death of at least one newborn as well as a woman's getting advanced brain damage from a stroke as a direct result of not being transported to a hospital in anywhere near a proper amount of time.  We can't imagine the wait times right about now for garden-variety victims of muggings and other violent crimes.

Ironically, the Big Apple is one of the last remaining bastions in America of anti-gun ninnies who refuse to allow the peasants the means to defend themselves in public from predators, who are inevitably armed themselves because - surprise- criminals don't pay attention to those laws in the first place.

It's you who is ultimately responsible for your own self-protection.  We don't wish to come across as preachy, but please take the steps to acquire the necessary training, knowledge and equipment (and help change the laws regarding allowing those steps in cities such as New York and Chicago) to effectively do so.

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