Friday, January 07, 2011

Begging the Nanny State for permission to serve their customers

The British government is graciously changing one of the many ridiculous rules controlling the subjects over there, and to that end will now begin "allowing" pubs to sell beer in quantities other than strictly pints and half-pints:

"At the moment, pubs and restaurants are limited to selling alcoholic drinks in certain measures, but the government wants to introduce a new range in response to changing trade practices and consumer tastes."

Instead of just letting the marketplace decide, which is what it would have done long ago if not for the Crown's irritating meddling.  Why is it that government's business if a customer wants to buy, and a bar wishes to sell, beer in schooners (2/3 of a pint, the amount being considered), or martini glasses, or even eyedroppers for that matter?

"'We have listened to consumers and businesses. They have called for fixed quantities to be kept but with greater flexibility. That is what this change will deliver,' Science minister David Willetts said in a statement.

'We are freeing businesses so they can innovate and create new products to meet the demands of their customers.'"

Imagine that.  A bureaucracy getting out of the way and allowing a free and open marketplace, instead of artificially hamstringing such endeavors.  There may be hope for those Limeys yet.

And how does being a "Science Minister" qualify one to make decisions about selling booze, anyway?

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Andrew said...

They're not getting out of the way, just adding one or two more fixed quantities.

It's no decrease in regulation at all, unfortunately, just a bit of lèse majesté.