Friday, January 21, 2011

A few of the very good ones

We regularly point out on this site when police officers and their supervisors commit wrongdoing with no official repercussions (as well as cynically abuse their authority and positions of power), so it's only fair to note when some of those same individuals do a professional and unbiased job of policing their own.

Winter Park, Florida police officer Ricardo Flores was watching detectives from that same agency unload a large amount of marijuana into the department's secured evidence area when he helped himself to a bud of the sticky icky, concealing it in his motorcycle helmet.  Another officer observed Flores's theft and reported it to Chief Gary Hester (no relation to us), who confirmed the theft with surveillance camera footage and immediately called Flores back to the station to confront him.  Flores then resigned right before Hester had him carted off to jail on burglary, theft and pot possession charges.

"Chief Hester said he wants to make sure Flores never wears a badge again.

'He forfeited that right last night,' said Hester."

Outstanding work by you and the honest and ethical officers under your command, Chief Hester (Nice name, by the way).  Thank you for providing such a stellar example that departments around the country should strive to emulate.

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