Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Our border sure is secure with people like this on the job

Here's about when everyone should pretty much throw up their hands in frustration:

"Investigators who searched the Imperial Beach home of a U.S. Border Patrol agent said they found an undocumented man in a hidden room along with evidence of drug dealing."

We don't pretend to know what the answer to the border morass is, but we're pretty sure what's in place right now isn't it.

On a side note to the story,

"'It looked like a movie. It was a big scene,' said neighbor Daniel Lazo. 'Seems impossible. They were everywhere.' 

"'They went inside every house,' Lazo said. 'We couldn't get out. It was crazy.'"  (Emphasis ours)

The Feds on those crack SWAT teams better had had search warrants for every one of the private residences they so cavalierly "went inside" or else they need to be hauled up on charges for unlawfully detaining and searching those innocent neighbors' properties and persons.

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