Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The very real problems directly caused by unchecked illegal immigration

A faithful reader calls our attention to the story of an illegal immigrant and career troublemaker (which includes hard time in Illinois and Texas for killing people) who has been deported to Mexico at least three times (but not after his manslaughter and murder convictions, oddly enough), yet somehow manages to still be here in this country causing mayhem, most recently in Minnesota for a large amount of such lovely offenses as felony assault, indecent exposure and DWI.

"Federal and local officials acknowledge that they don't know why he's been allowed to stay despite so many run-ins with the law."

(Duh, don't ask us.  We're instead far too busy busting law-abiding people for such "crimes" as haplessly ending up in New Jersey with their checked luggage [which included properly-declared firearms and ammunition] after their airline strands them there.  The traveler, Greg Revell, spent ten days in jail after simply trying to check his bags back in at the Newark airport the next morning. 

The Supreme Court has decreed that Revell may not sue the Port Authority over the incident.  Lesson learned - don't accept your luggage from baggage claim if you're not at your proper destination, but instead let the airlines handle the issue.  And stay out of New Jersey at all costs.  They don't deserve your vacation dollars.)

Anyway, back to the matter at hand.  Mario Montalban-Ramirez has now finally been federally charged with illegal entry after deportation and he faces up to 20 years in prison for his decades of thumbing his nose at American society.  Just imagine the sheer amount of nonsense that would have been avoided had he been so charged for his being here unlawfully back in 1997 and 2003, the last two times he was tossed out of the country.

We reiterate - the vast majority of illegal immigrants do not commit crimes on the level of murder, assault and serial DWI.  But this one has (and shows no signs of ever stopping) without much at all in the way of sanction, and his case illustrates that our "leaders" need to take the vexing problem of illegal immigration much more seriously than they have to date. 

Until we get a handle on our sieve-like border and identify and figure out a way to return to their home countries the people who jumped the line and are already here in violation of our laws, irritating societal warts like Montalban-Ramirez will continue to come here to prey upon and injure innocent citizens and legal residents.  Demand your representatives fix the problem.

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