Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Why I carry a handgun for protection, Vol. 42

So that if a drunken career criminal breaks into our home and threatens us and our loved ones we will be able to successfully defend ourselves against the threat, just like a Minnesota judge did early on New Year's Day in yet another one of those nonexistent cases that the Brady Campaign and the Violence Policy Center insist just never happen. 

"Sixth Judicial District Judge Shaun Floerke intercepted a 26-year-old Duluth man who entered his home by breaking a window about 3 a.m. Saturday."

A 26-year-old man who already has had more than 20 brushes with the law, according to the story.  His extensive criminal record appears to be unrelated in any way to Judge Floerke which means, scarily, that this apparently was a random home invasion that could have happened to anyone in that neighborhood. 

Kudos to His Honor for taking such prompt action to protect himself, his wife and their five minor children, all of whom were sleeping in the home at the time.  Judge Floerke also showed admirable restraint in merely detaining the suspect for the police instead of using deadly force, which in a majority of states he most likely had the legal right to employ.

A word to the wise, anti-gun activists - if this sort of random street crime can happen to no less than a judge then it can happen to anyone else, you included.  Quit bleating about how rare this sort of invasion is; we now know at least one jurist who will beg to disagree.

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