Sunday, February 06, 2011

How embarrassing for those charged with upholding traffic laws in Ye Olde Nanny State

The police departments of two adjacent communities in England, Staffordshire and Cheshire, have had a grand total of 238 car accidents in the last 18 months. 

In their own parking lots.

The careless cops over there have cost their taxpayers close to $200,000 in total damages over that short period, and here's the only mention of discipline we can find in the article: 

"Now some officers have been told to improve their driving standards."

Wow.  We're certain that mild scolding will certainly make them look where they're going next time.

These are the very "professionals", mind you, that are given special powers and charged with enforcing traffic laws and writing tickets to the peasants of that country.  How are they supposed to accomplish those tasks when they can't even make it out to the road without getting in fender-benders?

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