Tuesday, February 08, 2011

How many times does this make?

Michelle Obama assures us once again that Dear Leader has finally quit smoking, although her protestations to that effect sound just a wee bit fishy:

"She said she didn't know exactly when he quit 'because he never smoked a lot' and she never saw him light up."

We don't know just why he has been struggling so hard to give them up, then, if his indulgence was such a minor dalliance.  And if she never saw him puffing (which we don't believe for a second), then how does she know for sure he's really off the cigs?  Well, there's one sure way to find out, as one ex-smoker commenter to the story observes:

"We just need someone to ask Obama his quit date at a news conference. If he can't name it, he didn't quit."

Does he or she make a valid point, former smokers?

We actually are rooting for the President to succeed in this endeavor, as we want him to live a long and happy life so that he will be able to see firsthand how bad the historical analysis of his administration is going to be.


Bike Bubba said...

We'll get his quittin' date about the same time we get his birth certificate, I think.....

.....and this sounds pretty much like "guilty conscience" to me....he enjoys the heaters, but knows he's got an image to uphold.

princewally said...

Halloween, 2007 for me. That last half pack lasted 10 days, because I knew it was my last one ever. I can come pretty close to telling you how many cigarettes I had on each day and how often I put on the patch.

If he doesn't know, he's lying.