Monday, February 21, 2011

Let them eat ribs

First Hypocrite Lady Michelle Antoinette Obama continues to set the pace for the healthy-eating initiative she continually shoves down the throats (pun intended) of the peasantry by chowing down on braised ancho-chile short ribs while on the latest of her many vacations, this time in Vail, Colorado.

Total nutritional damage, according to - 1576 calories and 142 grams of fat, more than twice the recommended daily percentage of the artery-clogging substance in that one dish alone.

The lady does love her meat, we'll give her that.

We personally don't care what Mrs. Obama decides to cram into her face or how often she does it.  She presumes to lecture the rest of us about our own swinish eating habits, however, so that makes her diet fair game for criticism.

Need another napkin, ma'am?

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