Tuesday, February 01, 2011


Ah, the surly, abusive and all-around thoroughly unprofessional Prince George's County, Maryland Police Department we remember all too well from our youth:

According to the poster of the video (and apparent owner of the home), the officers were hanging out doing something non-emergent while standing in his front yard (which, technically, is trespassing). 

The homeowner reports that he went outside to politely ask what was going on and was immediately verbally abused and threatened with being locked up for his trouble.  He then went inside, grabbed his camera and began recording the footage seen here, which spurred the one cop to unlawfully order him to go back into the house.

Well done, officers.  What wonderful community outreach.

It's actually pretty sad to note that not one thing has changed there in the two decades or so since we made our escape to freer climes.

(via CopBlock.org)

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