Thursday, February 03, 2011

"Ruling" by favoritism and fiat

First we had Dear Leader ram his socialized medicine plan (that was supposed to apply equally to everyone) through Congress by using dead-of-the-night trickery, then he turned right around and exempted many of his friends and supporters (most notably Andy Stern and his union thugs at the SEIU, who donated $28 million to his campaign) from the Ponzi scheme's many onerous (and expensive) requirements. 

Next, despite having the entire Obamacare law thrown out as unconstitutional by a federal judge, the Department of Health and Human Services announced its plan to continue implementing the legislation (under some kind of authority as yet unrevealed to us).

Now we find out that the very first project to be exempted from Obama's brand new end-run-around-Congress-imposed EPA mandates on "greenhouse gas" emissions will be a power plant that is purchasing two expensive gas-turbines from G.E., and by extension his good friend (and major campaign supporter and financial donor) Jeffrey Immelt, who is coincidentally Obama's new "jobs czar".

Tim Carney has the details on that one.

And, of course, we would be remiss if we didn't mention that Dear Leader's Department of the Interior has just been hit with a contempt of court citation for blatantly violating the law by continuing to block deepwater drilling in the Gulf of Mexico despite a federal judge's specifically ordering them to not do so. We broke taxpayers now have to pay the legal fees for the oil companies because of that sanction.  Thanks, Mr. President!

Isn't this sort of crass political cronyism and cherry-picking of winners and losers, along with the unilateral imposition of one's political will on the peasants regardless of what the other two branches of government have to say about it, the very hallmarks of a dictatorship?

Hope and change, indeed.  "Change" into an authoritarian regime that the minor despots of the world can only marvel at with envy.

2012 simply can't get here soon enough.  We only hope it's not too late for our republic.

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