Monday, February 07, 2011

Why I carry a handgun for protection, Vol. 45

So that if we are innocently walking down the street with our leashed dog and are attacked by a neighbor's unleashed pit bull and Rottweiler (which apparently have a documented history of such aggressive behavior, including a previous attack several weeks ago on the leashed animal, causing it injury), we will be able to successfully protect ourselves and our canine best friend, which is what happened this morning in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The leashed animal's owner, George Doudhty, has a handgun carry permit and shot the animals attacking his dog, according to the story.  The pit bull was DOA; the Rottweiler is being treated at a local vet.

We hate to see anyone's animals injured or killed and it is truly unfortunate that this incident occurred, but the fault here lies squarely at the feet of Randy and Joanne Daise, the neighbors who allowed their dogs to get into these situations in the first place. 

"No charges will be filed against [Doudhty] in the dog killing."

The proper outcome.  People have a right to walk their properly restrained dogs down a public street without being mauled by aggressive, unrestrained animals.  They also have a right to lawfully defend themselves with firearms when so threatened, as the Daises are now finding out to their dismay.

Another of the many daily instances of the justified use of lawfully carried firearms that groups such as the Brady Campaign and Violence Policy Center somehow insist are rarer than hen's teeth, despite ample evidence to the contrary.


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Bike Bubba said...

I always love a story with a happy ending!

(except for the bummer part that the Rotty is still breathing....I love dogs, but not ones that view people as food....)

Anonymous said...

The comments on the story are interesting, with the usual mix of "he was a bad man with a bad gun" and saner comments. The dumbest comments were about taking a warning shot (are these people even thinking?) and the "you carry a gun to make yourself a big man".

If I could, I'd rather carry my 870. Less likely hood of missing, and 99.9% (of people, anyway) problems would never even happen once they saw it.