Thursday, March 10, 2011

Crocodile tears

Minnesota Democratic Congressman Keith Ellison (also variously known by his earlier chosen aliases of Keith Hakim, Keith X. Ellison and Keith Ellison-Muhammad) apparently was a sad panda during Representative Peter King's House hearing yesterday on the disturbing recent increase in radical behavior among some Muslims:

"The congressman tried to hide his tears behind his papers and quickly left the room after his remarks."

Maybe it's us but we think Ellison's convenient photo-op weepfest was just a tad bit disingenuous, especially given his previous apparent self-identification as a Muslim-first individual, plus his promotion of the militant agenda of the Nation of Islam in published articles while in law school as well as being a spokesman for that group, plus his past vigorous defense of such various peace-seeking and bridge-building luminaries as Sharif Willis (convicted murderer and drug lord as well as Minneapolis Vice Lords gang leader),  Kathleen Soliah (convicted Weather Underground terrorist) and Khalid Muhammad (virulent racist and anti-Semite NOI leader).

When one looks at his history in that light, it sure seems like Mr. Whoever-He-Is-Now had a significant hand in creating the very problem he now wants the government to overlook, mostly because some people consider it somehow racist to legitimately investigate how the more radical elements of Islam may have influenced such recent events as the attempted New York City car bombing, the Fort Hood massacre, the Saudi student nailed trying to build bombs in Texas and the murder of a soldier at a Little Rock, Arkansas recruiting station.  If the Christian Coalition or B'nai B'rith were linked to a similar disturbing rise in violent activities we would want those groups investigated just as thoroughly.

We had the "pleasure" of observing Mr. Ellison in action back when he was a member of the Minnesota Legislature and can personally vouch for his being a rude, opportunistic jerk who isn't the least interested in a dialogue with anyone who disagrees with his narrow agenda.

Hey Keith - did you ever catch up with those years of back taxes and piles of unpaid traffic and parking tickets?

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