Thursday, March 24, 2011

An example of a "reasonable" gun law "fix"

Senator Chuck Schumer, D-NY, a reliable anti-gun legislator (at least for the peasants.  This naked hypocrite at least at one time held an unrestricted New York City concealed carry permit, a document unobtainable to all but the rich, famous and politically-connected there), has introduced the "Fix Guns Check Act of 2011", which among other things would bar a person from owning and carrying a firearm merely for a single arrest (whether or not there was a subsequent conviction) for drug possession within a five-year period.

Any arrest.  This means that a person given a misdemeanor ticket (which is technically an arrest) for possession of a small amount of marijuana, regardless of whether he or she was armed at the time, would automatically void that person's right to own and carry a firearm.  The same would go for a person busted for a prescription drug violation that was later dropped because the matter was cleared up, or someone who unwittingly found themselves in the same room or vehicle with a person in possession.  And certain abusive police officers of course never claim to have found drugs on someone on whom they want to inflict legal trouble, or plant drugs on a crime scene to get themselves out of a jam of their own making.  Oh, no.

We won't even mention the conflict between federal laws regarding possession and states that permit the medicinal usage of marijuana this law would cause.  Wouldn't a court have loads of fun sorting that out?

Actually, the proposed law doesn't require the person to be caught with a usable amount of drugs or even be arrested to become a prohibited person under its auspices:

"The bill’s definition of an 'unlawful user' also includes anyone arrested for drug paraphernalia within the past five years if the paraphernalia is found have traces of a drug, and those who make an 'admission' to using or possessing a controlled substance in the past five years. The meaning of 'admission,' however, is not defined."

Of course it isn't.  This is nothing more than a blatant attempt to deny millions of people their Second Amendment rights in one fell swoop without even the hint of due process.

Nice try, Chuck.  Our nation neither needs nor wants your unconstitutional "fixes".  Thanks for playing anyway.

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