Friday, March 25, 2011

The Jack-Booted Thug(s) of the Week...

... are the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania police officers who saw fit to treat local resident Mark Fiorino, a permit-holder who was innocently walking to a local auto-parts store with a lawfully openly-carried holstered firearm, in the following incredibly abusive manner (warning: foul language):

The other three parts of the encounter can be found at the above YouTube link. They're just as bad as this one.

In what reality is it perfectly acceptable for a police officer, with no reasonable suspicion whatsoever that a crime is being committed, to initiate an encounter with a law-abiding citizen with a disrespectful "Hey Junior", then go on to draw down on that person, curse him out multiple times and threaten to shoot him for moving the wrong way?

"Get on your Fucking knees or I’ll shoot you!"

What absolutely atrocious behavior on the part of the officer.  Ademo Freeman of Cop Block is 100% right - listening to the recording of the encounter, one quickly realizes that Fiorino with his calm and reasonable manner was the true "professional" that day and not the hysterical, out-of-control cop.

Mr. Fiorino was unlawfully detained for over 45 minutes (handcuffed in a paddy wagon, no less) while the Keystone (State) Kops tried to puzzle out some sort of bogus charge with which to run him in.  They finally had to kick him lose when someone with an ounce of common sense figured out that he wasn't doing anything wrong

Fortunately for Fiorino, he apparently makes a habit of carrying an audio recorder when open carrying in case just such a massive overreaction occurs. 

(But it's bad to tape the cops, you know, and such an odious practice should be outlawed because, you know, police officers never do anything wrong or abuse their authority, just like they did right here the other day in Philly.)

The "officer" who performed the initial stop in this incident needs to lose his job right this very second.

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