Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Why I carry a handgun for protection, Vol. 48

So that if two career criminals (who are running around loose in public despite several outstanding felony warrants each) happen to smash their way through the front door of our house and assault us in our own kitchen, we'll have something a bit more effective than a baseball bat with which to defend ourselves, as a North Carolina woman successfully (and very luckily) managed to do last Thursday:

"After stopping the vehicle, deputies said Richard Guthrie Jr., 28, of Greensboro, and Jeffery Martin Moore, 42, of Burlington, were found bleeding from head injuries. 

Deputies said they determined that the two kicked in a front glass door and began assaulting the woman.

That's when the woman used the bat to defend herself, striking both suspects in the head, deputies said." 

The two assailants were subsequently charged with first-degree burglary, assault on a female (?  It appears attacking a female is a different crime in N.C. than doing the same to a male, for some reason) and injury to personal property.  

This woman was extremely fortunate to survive what was basically hand-to-hand combat with these brutal thugs.  A firearm, and the training and mindset to use it, would have allowed her to defend herself much more safely and effectively by not forcing her to get within arm's reach of her attackers.

This incident is only the latest story of a random invasion of an innocent person's home in the type of unprovoked attack on a law-abiding citizen that groups such as the Brady Campaign and Violence Policy Center continue to disingenuously insist are as rare as hen's teeth, and thus argue that guns for personal defense are completely unnecessary in today's society.

If that is indeed the case then how have we managed to so rapidly arrive at Number 48 in this series?

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