Wednesday, March 02, 2011

A win for the Constitution

"Supreme Court: anti-gay funeral picketers allowed"

The right decision, of course.  Even homophobic jackasses enjoy the right of free speech in America.  First Amendment protections generally aren't needed for polite talk that everyone loves listening to.

Here's an idea - maybe some of the many people on whom this bully church enjoys picking should go picket them for a change.

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Ken Hood said...

Spot on Doug. This group is a bunch of "homophobic jackasses" as you state. But I have been increasingly alarmed that "offensive" speech is being looked at as somehow "illegal" speech.

Two things about this surprised me. First... 8 to 1 decision. I would have expected a different split. That's the pleasant surprise.

Secondly, I'm surprised that Alito dissented. His reasoning, that this was a "brutal attack" and a "vicious verbal assault is just not factually correct. These nut jobs are protesting no more violently than the WI teachers union members. Loud protest to bring attention to a grievance is the "point" of "Free Speech."