Sunday, April 03, 2011

From the Department of Glaringly Obvious Headlines

"No charges for Laurel [MD] gas station clerk in shooting"

The State's Attorney's Office there has made the (correct, in our view) decision that the store clerk, who successfully used a firearm provided by his employer to thwart an attempted armed robbery and which resulted in the death of the suspect, was justified in his actions and therefore will not face any criminal charges: 

"Deputy State’s Attorney William Roessler said at the time that it is legal for a store owner to be armed for protection at his or her place of business.

'It was self defense. He did not create this situation. The robber did.'"


Now all the local cops have to do is return the firearm to its rightful owner, which has yet to happen even though more than three months have elapsed since the incident, presumably leaving the business defenseless during that period.

We eagerly look forward to the time, hopefully in the near future, when a legal outcome such as this will no longer qualify as "news", even in a virulently anti-gun rights state such as Maryland.

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