Monday, April 25, 2011

Of particular interest to Minnesota residents

Minnesota Republican State Representative Tony Cornish (who is also police chief of the city of Lake Crystal, so he has a good working knowledge of public safety issues) has introduced a bill that will update and greatly improve the ability of Minnesota residents to carry and use firearms in defense of themselves and others.

Some of the provisions of Cornish's bill include:

1.  Allowing law-abiding residents to "stand their ground" when attacked by violent criminals by removing the requirement that such victims must attempt to retreat before using deadly force in defense of themselves or others.  Far from being controversial, this would bring Minnesota into line with the majority of states.

2.  Strengthening the "Castle Doctrine" by creating a presumption that a law-abiding resident may legally use deadly force to counter an invasion of their home or vehicle by an unwanted intruder.

3.  Preventing law enforcement from confiscating firearms from law-abiding citizens, closing gun stores or revoking carry permits during a Hurricane Katrina-like civil emergency.

4.  Adding universal reciprocity with other states, so that anyone possessing a valid carry permit from another state may lawfully carry a handgun in Minnesota (subject to Minnesota carry rules and regulations, of course).  This will have the added effect of more easily fostering reciprocity with other states, greatly increasing the number that Minnesotans will be allowed to carry in under their home permit.

This is a solid bill authored by a good, service-oriented cop who understands and appreciates the right of citizens to defend themselves from threats to their safety.  All freedom-minded Minnesota residents should immediately contact their senators and representatives (info at the above link) to urge that it be passed as is.  They should also consider joining GOCRA, (the Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance), the organization that worked with Cornish in crafting this legislation.

For those who desire more information, GOCRA VP Andrew Rothman will be talking about the bill tonight on The Late Debate with Jack & Ben from 10 to midnight on WLKX-FM (95.9 FM).  The podcast, for those not in the local listening area, will be available here.

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