Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Why I carry a handgun for protection, Vol. 49

Because large swarms of feral youth can appear out of nowhere and begin attacking innocent people for no reason whatsoever even in places considered "safe", which is exactly what happened to two Delta Airlines employees riding the Atlanta MARTA train on Sunday:

"The report said one victim had a soda can smashed in his face and his wallet stolen, while the other was punched repeatedly in his face."

The kicker to this story is that MARTA has a history of harassing law-abiding gun owners using the trains (even though it is perfectly legal to do so), and has even been forced to pay damages for engaging in such unlawful behavior.

It looks like maybe the MARTA "authorities" had better start worrying more about the apparently serious gang problem on their hands instead of wasting their limited resources and manpower menacing innocent individuals who merely wish to be able to successfully defend themselves against the types of thugs currently running rampant throughout their system.


Bike Bubba said...

Given that carry status at the airport, I bet the "feral youth" knew they were pretty safe.

Time for airlines to request their employees keep their uniforms at the airport, like Florida car rental companies removed rental stickers when thugs started shooting tourists? I think so!

ridea94vmax said...

Read the article, watched the vid. This is rhetorical, but not ONCE is the race of the feral youth mentioned. How can you help the public and conduct an investigation without a simple description of the perps? I don't think Skid Row had this in mind when they wrote "Youth Gone Wild"!

TBeck said...

There's a reason why MARTA is referred to as the "mugger-mover".