Monday, May 02, 2011


Two of admittedly the politest and most deferential cops we've ever seen nonetheless show up at the London home of free-speech activist Charlie Veitch the day before last week's royal wedding and arrest him for allegations (not even formal charges) of "conspiracy to cause a public nuisance" and "suspicion of aggravated trespass", despite Veitch himself confirming the day before at Scotland Yard that he had no outstanding warrants.

Translation:  You rabble-rousers aren't going to put a damper on our worldwide PR event, and we're willing to violate your rights in order to ensure a trouble-free day for our inbred masters.

Great Britain - where you can be dragged downtown and locked up for something you might do.

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Ken Hood said...

A Brit wrote one of the great prophetic books of all time, Orwell's 1984. We Americans made one the great prophetic movies of all time, Minority Report. Both prophecies are completely fulfilled in our lifetime. God help us all.