Wednesday, June 01, 2011

The horror of it all

A group of about 15 Pennsylvania 8th-graders on a recent field trip to the National Aquarium in Baltimore, Maryland ended up at a Hooters restaurant for lunch because no one eatery in the area could accommodate the entire 100-kid party, and thus the chaperones (which included women) had to scramble to find enough places for the students to eat.

"Superintendent Wayne Brookhart says that while he wishes the group's coed chaperones had chosen another restaurant, he has not received any complaints from parents."

So where's the story?  Given the recent heat wave on the East Coast, those kids probably saw more skin on the sidewalk outside the restaurant.

We personally find the wings at Hooters to be fairly pedestrian, but their New Orleans Shrimp dish is really quite scrumptious.  We're sure those pupils enjoyed the same prompt and attentive service we receive when patronizing that establishment.


Grace R said...

If it were my kid, I'd be pissed, and want it clearly understood that it won't happen again, otherwise my Jr won't be going. I understand that they didn't have a realistic choice. My question: why wasn't this addressed BEFORE the day of? I've never heard of a school trip that didn't have something as fundamental as where to feed the little basta--I mean darlings.

My principle on this is that I refuse to spend my hard earned pesos at establishments that exploit their employees like that. I don't care how good the wings are.

Bike Bubba said...

I was in Baltimore last weekend and walked past that Hooters about five times. For a healthy meal without busty waitresses, McDonald's is about four blocks to the north, and occupies a large building fully capable of handling 100 students. I'm sure that one of those students--most of them carrying a fully web capable cell phone--could have helped their teachers out.