Monday, June 27, 2011

Ugly bias from the same old sources

"I think if it's Kansas, if it's Missouri, no big deal, you know that's the dance of the low-sloping foreheads, the middle places... right?"

New York Times columnist David Carr (a Minnesota native, by the way.  No pathological self-hatred there, no sirree), talking about state education scores on Bill Maher's HBO television program and actually expecting agreement from the other panelists, who to their credit did no such thing.

Powerline nailed it when they titled their post on this incident "The Mask Slips.  Again".  Funny what slips out when liberal media figures get a little too comfortable with their surroundings and forget they are on TV and not palling around on Journolist or haunting the local newspaper watering hole with the rest of the monochromatic herd who happens to think just like them.

By way of comparison, any panel member regardless of political leaning would be deservedly run out of town on a rail had she or she callously ridiculed, say, inner-city minority schoolkids in the same manner.  Since Carr was slandering the proles in flyover country, though (which includes himself, we remind everyone), the Times apparently has no problem with or response to this arrogant, elitist pronouncement by one of its favored employees.

Typical, but not particularly surprising.

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TBeck said...

I'm willing to put up with all kinds of condescension as long as NYC is willing to be nuke-bait for the rest of the country.