Thursday, June 02, 2011

We would do well to learn from their mistake

Britain's always on-the-cusp-of-failing National Health Service, the polished turd of a government-run health care scheme that Dear Leader and many in Congress want America to emulate (despite our country being far larger and more populous than England as well as trillions of dollars more in debt, not to mention the fact that Obamacare is patently unconstitutional), is failing even harder these days:

"Andrew Lansley [England's Health Secretary] says the core values of the NHS are under threat as never before from a “financial crisis” that will see annual health spending double to £230 billion a year without urgent reform.

While insisting he would never privatise the NHS, Mr Lansley warns that its future as a universal service, available to all and free at the point of use will be at risk “within years” if radical change is blocked." 

So a privatization solution appears to be forever off the table there, even as the masters in charge of that farce admit that their pet program is unsustainable and will soon collapse, rendering basic health care unavailable to the very peasants who are supposedly paying for it (we imagine the likes of Mr. Lansley and Her Majesty the Queen will still be able to be seen for their ailments in a reasonable time frame).  Sounds like things are going just swimmingly for the Brits, and that we of course should immediately strive to be just like them in terms of solutions to our health care woes.

Still want our bankrupt Federal government, which has a long track record of never instituting a program that's been run efficiently or under budget, to be in charge of funding and running your health care?

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