Monday, July 18, 2011

Another crime foiled without a shot by a lawfully-owned firearm

77-year-old Congressman Leonard Boswell, D-IA, and his family successfully fought off an armed intruder who confronted them at their rural Iowa farmhouse last Saturday night.

The attacker had apparently rang the doorbell and when Boswell's daughter answered pointed a gun at her and demanded money.  The congressman then intervened, grabbing the gun and wrestling the thug to the ground.  Meanwhile, Boswell's 22-year-old grandson alertly grabbed a loaded shotgun from another room and chased the suspect into a nearby field, where he managed to escape.  He is currently being sought by police.

Another example of a successful defensive gun usage by law-abiding citizens that won't make the official stats because (thankfully) no shots were fired.  Tell us again how these events never happen, Brady Campaign and Violence Policy Center, especially to an older person who probably would have eventually lost the physical battle with his presumably much younger assailant.

We imagine Congressman Boswell is one Democrat who will flatly refuse to support the recently proposed gun-control bill, introduced by some comrades in his own party as a knee-jerk reaction to the federal "Project Gunwalker" scandal, that seeks to criminalize and punish acts which are already quite illegal.  A new law, of course, that if passed wouldn't apply to the stunningly incompetent management of the BATFE, which seems to be directly responsible for allowing a significant percentage of recent cross-border gun smuggling to take place without interdiction for crass political reasons.

Remember, Decatur County residents, the alleged suspect in Saturday's incident remains at large and most likely even more desperate, and may soon target another local residence in that remote area at some point.  Please prepare accordingly.

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Andrew said...

He is indeed one of the good guys.

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