Friday, July 08, 2011

Off topic but interesting, at least to me

The major supermarket chain Albertson's is removing the self-checkout lanes from all of its stores that currently use them.

Good.  We've never used those lanes at any store on principle.  If retailers want the peasants to do part of their job for them they can at least give those who choose to use such lanes slightly lower prices than those who prefer to wait for a human cashier.  There's no advantage otherwise, and anyone in that industry who argues that self-checkout lanes are somehow "faster" has never watched a clueless customer helplessly scan the same item over and over, fruitlessly (pun intended) search for the right produce code, try to locate where to insert the money or otherwise hold up progress for the people waiting behind them, who inevitably end up doing even worse.

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Grace R said...

Huzzah! It's SOOO annoying to use the self-service, regardless of skill level or previous grocer experience. And yes, it's absurd to be paying the same as someone who uses a clerk. If you can give me a $.03 discount to bring my own bag, I should get something for checking myself out.